Pomegranate Preschool

A school is, in some ways, like a single being—growing, expanding and learning. With each year, Pomegranate Preschool refines and defines itself.

Mission Statement:

The primary goal of Pomegranate Preschool for the Arts is to offer three- to five-year-olds an arts immersion program that will encourage self-expression and socialization. Each child is regarded as an individual whose gifts, temperaments and challenges are to be respected.


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Pomegranate is an arts-centered preschool. Music, art, drama and creative writing (through story dictation) are offered throughout the week. We welcome children of diverse faiths, cultures and family structures. We celebrate the Jewish holidays and the weekly ritual of Shabbat.

Pomegranate is in session Mondays through Fridays from 9:00 am to 12:45 pm. Children may attend three, four, or five days each week. Our teacher/student ratio is minimally one teacher to four students. Class size can range from twelve to sixteen students, unless an enrolled family wants to add a day later in the year. On Fridays, all students are encouraged to attend. The small size of our program enables us to recognize and respect the individual temperaments, gifts and challenges of each child.

The Pomegranate community joins together three times during the school year for potlucks, dramatic performances and an arts night. Class field trips may include excursions to: Eagle Mill Farm, Ashland Fire Station, the Grower’s Market, and the ice skating rink.

If you are interested in visiting Pomegranate, please call (541) 488-2909 and ask to speak with Robin Heald.

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