The last three years we have utilized a Mussar curriculum. Mussar is loosely translated as “Jewish Ethics” and we spend a month on different middot: Jewish values that we’ll bring to life through a variety of activities, projects, and connection to the holidays and social action projects.

Our core classes every Shul School Sunday are Judaic Studies, Hebrew Language, Torah, and Art. We strive to teach Judaism and Jewish identity primarily through creative activities such as drama and music.
Each Sunday Shul School session begins with the whole community gathering together with the Rabbi in our opening family service. The kids then separate into different 45 minute classes, breaking for lunch. Throughout the year there are multiple family education days and opportunities for intergenerational learning.

The primary thing that makes our school special is the feeling in the building on a Shul School Sunday – energetic, warm, and engaged – usually with a flurry of activity. We try to take seriously the charge of building a community of lifelong learners, and to really live the communal values we espouse.

Special Events